Apple will now pay you for a water-damaged iPhone or iPad

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Apple will now pay you for a water-damaged iPhone or iPad

(Credit: Apple )

Want to get rid of that iPhone you dropped in the bathtub? Apple may now give you something for it.

Apple ‘s Reuse and Recycling Program promises you an Apple Store gift card in exchange for your used iPhone , iPad, MacBook, or Mac desktop. You can then use that gift card toward a new Apple device or accessory.

Until Monday, water-damaged devices weren’t accepted as trade-ins. But the Reuse (more…)

Water-resistant G-Go plunges into Bluetooth speaker arena

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Water-resistant G-Go plunges into Bluetooth speaker arena

The G-Go is a new splash-resistant Bluetooth speaker that retails for $69.


A few of us here in the office have been looking for a portable Bluetooth speaker that will work in the shower. Alas, G-Project’s new $69 G-Go speaker, which just became available in Target stores, is splash-resistant but not water-proof, so it may not quite fit the bill but it’s close.

The speaker comes in (more…)

Apple Working on More Accurate Methods to Detect Water Damage in iOS Devices

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Apple will likely want to endorse one of the ‘electronics protection schemes’ that are currently in research. If they can be implemented without incurring a heat disadvantage, I would guess that Apple would surely incorporate this technology, it may increase the cost minimally, but as an avid Apple product consumer, it is no different than buying insurance for our possessions which protect us against un-forseen losses.
I also realize (more…)

HzO Claims to be in Talks With Apple to Make Future iPhones Waterproof Using Their Water Blocking Technology

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Last week, we reported about a company called
, which claimed to
, with a process that applies a patent pending waterproof coating on the iPhone to protect it from water or liquids.
Though it seemed too good to be true, quite a few of you seemed to be interested in the technology that could waterproof your iPhone .
– another startup demonstrated their “WaterBlock” technology at CES 2012, which could make smartphones like the iPhone waterproof.

What To Do If You Drop Your iPhone In Water

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It is imperative to remove the iPhone out of the water ASAP. Once the iPhone is out of the water, you want to make sure it is powered off.
If you get a white pinwheel on the screen and it won’t turn of, you hold down the power button and home button until it turns off. In the video we failed to record it powering back on after we powered it off. We simply repeated the ‘power off process’ and moved on to the next important step; remove the (more…)