How to work around Straight Talk’s visual voice mail limitation

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How to work around Straight Talks visual voice mail limitation

As I mentioned in my recent post comparing no-contract iPhone options, last month I ditched AT&T in favor of Straight Talk, which gives me more or less the same exact service for considerably less money.

Just one problem: Straight Talk doesn’t support visual voice mail. In fact, on my iPhone 4S, I receive no notification whatsoever that new messages are waiting for me. It’s not often an issue, but the last thing (more…)

Learn the secrets of Google Now voice commands (infographic)

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Learn the secrets of Google Now voice commands (infographic)


At the risk of incurring Android fanboy wrath, Google Now is a lot like Apple ‘s Siri: it responds to voice commands and can perform lots of cool and practical functions.

Of course, like Siri, it comes without an instruction manual. And, in fact, if you invoke the help command or look at Google’s own support page, you’ll get only an abbreviated list of the available voice actions.


Google Search iOS app now offers hands-free voice search

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Google Search iOS app now offers hands-free voice search

Google's updated search app for iOS.

(Credit: Screenshot by Lance Whitney/CNET)

Google Search for iOS finally seems to have caught up with its Android counterpart.

Released Tuesday, version 3.1 of Google Search for iOS updates Google Now, which provides notifications, reminders, and other personalized taps on the shoulder.

Prominent among the enhancements is hands-free voice searching. (more…)

Butterball cooking app responds to voice commands, keeps screens clean

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Butterball cooking app responds to voice commands, keeps screens clean

Butterball Cookbook Plus supports voice commands and includes an oversize “preparation mode” for easy reading at a distance.

(Credit: Screenshot by Rick Broida/CNET)

Cooking a Thanksgiving feast can be a messy affair, something to think about if you’re relying on your iPhone or iPad for recipe assistance. When the time comes to swipe pages, start a timer, or the like, are you really going to use that Crisco/flour/pumpkin-covered (more…)

You can replace Siri with Google’s Voice Search, but there’s a catch

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You can replace Siri with Googles Voice Search, but theres a catch

The Google app's newly enhanced voice-powered search can work wonders, and it's even better on a jailbroken iPhone .

(Credit: Screenshot by Rick Broida/CNET)

I’ll catch some flak for this, but I still like Siri.

In fact, I find it extremely useful for things like setting reminders and sending text messages hands-free. It’s not perfect, but neither is it as useless as many people seem to think.


Apple’s Siri trounces Samsung’s S Voice (hands-on)

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Apples Siri trounces Samsungs S Voice (hands-on)

Samsung's S Voice assistant (L) takes on Apple 's Siri (R).


I’ve updated this hands-on to reflect Siri’s new tricks in iOS6; it originally posted June 21, 2012 comparing S Voice on the Galaxy S3 — which is still current — to Siri on iOS 5.

Samsung’s answer to Siri has been getting a bad rap ever since the Galaxy S III (S3) landed in reviewers’ hands. CNET slammed the Siri-wannabe (more…)

How Does Samsung’s S Voice Stack Up Against Siri?

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They are both a gimmick and useless in most commands it will be a long time before voice commands will work as we wish they could after a few weeks most people stop playing with it I would say like most of the games we download and get bored with…. And android is ahead of us apple better wake up before they are left behind……I was gonna end my comment but for those who will bad mouth android keep in mind most of the app people are (more…)

Why I’m still frustrated with Google Voice

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Why Im still frustrated with Google Voice

Google Voice on Ice Cream Sandwich.


Remember those fateful words that no kid ever wanted to hear from their teacher: You’ve got so much po-tential? “Potential” is a compliment when you’re just starting out in your field, and veiled disappointment after you’ve been in it for years. The sentiment describes exactly how I feel about Google Voice.

Let me just say that I’ve been (more…)

Send an instant voice message (without waiting for the beep)

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Send an instant voice message (without waiting for the beep)

Josh Miller/CNET)

This is one of those solutions you didn’t know you needed…until now.

Although texting may be the preferred method of communication today, it has its flaws. Autocorrect fails and difficulty expressing sentiment (without too many emoticons) are all too common with SMS.

And phone calls? Call me a generation Y-er, but sometime I just want to get my message across without a lengthy (more…)

Navigation app Waze gets limited voice controls

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Waze’s newest update lets you control the app, a little, with a wave and a word.

Screenshot by Rafe Needleman/CNET)

The great, free car navigation app Waze (see Rafe Recommends) is getting an update today that gives it a limited hands-free, voice-controlled interface.

Waze is now perhaps the only app to use the phone’s promixity sensor to turn on the input interface, since Google removed that feature from its (more…)

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