iPhone 5S, 5C score 100,000 reservations at China Unicom

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iPhone 5S, 5C score 100,000 reservations at China Unicom

Apple 's iPhone 5C.

(Credit: Apple )

Apple ‘s latest iPhones have already snagged a healthy number of consumers in China.

China Unicom, the country’s second biggest mobile provider, has seen more than 100,000 reservations for the two new phones since they took Apple ‘s stage early last week, Bloomberg said on Monday. Reservations hit that level even though the carrier has yet to reveal its pricing for (more…)

iPhone 5 snags 100,000 preorders through China Unicom

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iPhone 5 snags 100,000 preorders through China Unicom

The iPhone 5.

(Credit: CBS Interactive)

The iPhone 5 is off to a strong start at its latest carrier.

After kicking off preorders for the new phone early yesterday, China Unicom took in more than 100,000 online reservations by 4 p.m. local time, Chinese news site Sina Tech said today.

China’s second largest carrier will officially launch the iPhone 5 on December 14, following a promise that (more…)

China Unicom just a step away from selling iPhone 4S

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China Unicom just a step away from selling iPhone 4S

Apple )

According to a report from Chinese tech industry watchers MIC Gadget, the biggest mobile phone company in the world’s largest smartphone market is one network permit away from carrying Apple ‘s iPhone 4S.

It looks like it’s time to pick up some AAPL, which closed +9.00 at 382.20 today, a stock that many believe is still undervalued, despite Apple ‘s continued success in the marketplace.

China (more…)

China Unicom To Offer Jailbreak Service & Free Cases To iPhone 4, iPad Customers?

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Though some will argue that pictures don't lie, the offer looks unrealistic for more than one reason.
Firstly, it seems unbelievable that an official iPhone carrier will offer a service like jailbreaking, which Apple has always maintained is an
Secondly, the latest version of iOS,
and hence cannot be jailbroken. In fact, the
Also, as an official carrier, China Unicom is likely to offer microSIM cards with the purchase of
and (more…)

China Unicom Working With Apple to Launch Wi-Fi Enabled iPhones

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This follows easing of regulations placed earlier by the Chinese Government that restricted Wi-Fi access from handsets and instead encouraged the use of a homegrown wireless standard called WAPI. This had forced Apple to launch a China-specific model of the iPhone that came without the usual Wi-Fi feature.
Announcing the launch of Wi-Fi enabled handsets, China Unicom chairman Chang Xiaobing said that his company was contemplating a process to compensate (more…)

China Unicom Reports Opening Weekend Sale of 5000 iPhone Handsets

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Reuters reports that the total number of iPhones sold in the first couple of days since launch was 5000.Compare this with the
that was sold in the first three days of launch late last year and you will get an idea about the contrasting levels of customer anticipation.
In our earlier piece announcing the launch of the iPhone in China, we had discussed the numerous challenges that China Unicom faces in the Chinese market which included the easy (more…)

China Unicom to Start Selling iPhones from October; Will Cost a Lot Cheaper?

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China Unicom, China’s No 2. carrier with more than 140 million mobile subscribers
that they have struck a deal with Apple to bring the iPhone to China.
According to a report, China Unicom, the second largest telecom player in China with more than 140 million mobile subscribers will be launching the
soon after the October 1-8 National Holiday in four different models – 3G 8GB, 3G 16GB, 3GS 16GB and 3GS 32GB. It's not clear whether these (more…)

China Unicom Strikes a Deal with Apple to Finally Bring the iPhone to China

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“We believe China Unicom's high-speed mobile broadband network, coupled with … (the iPhone ) will create new communication and different experiences for customers in China,”
said Unicom CEO Chang Xiaobin at a news conference.
If China Unicom wants to be successful then it should take some pointers from the failure of the iPhone in India, the world’s second largest mobile phone market. Since the carriers there don’t offer any subsidy, (more…)