iOS Security Flaw Allows Unauthorized Access to Your iPhone’s Camera Roll Without Passcode [Video]

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AT&T To Roll Out HSPA+ 14.4Mbps Broadband Network In 2010

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AT&T has now announced a policy shift that shall get the subscribers happy. Speaking at an event organized by
, John Stankey, the CEO at AT&T Operations has said that his company intends to implement a more advanced HSPA+ technology that will bring much faster broadband speeds to nearly 250 million Americans by the end of this year.
HSPA+ is an advanced 3G broadband technology that can technically double the wireless broadband speeds from the (more…)

Improve iPhone backup and restore times by managing your Camera Roll

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Improve iPhone backup and restore times by managing your Camera Roll

(Credit: Apple , Inc.)

The iPhone Camera Roll can cause increased backup and restore times in iTunes if not properly managed. It’s easy to mismanage the Camera Roll if you–like me–use it store media for showing later to friends or family. Apple did not intend the Roll to be used this way, however, and recommends that users use the Photo app, instead, for storing media you plan on showing off later.

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Coverage of Apple’s Special Event “It’s Only Rock and Roll, But We Like it”

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Apple has already slashed iPod prices, we're not sure if this indicates a delay in the release of new iPods.
– 8 GB now $189, down $40
– 16 GB now $249, down $50
– 32 GB now $279, down $120
– 8 GB now $129, down $20
– 16 GB now $149, down $50
– 120 GB now $229, down $20
The event has just started. Steve Jobs is on stage to (more…)

AT&T steps up 850Mhz spectrum roll out for enhanced 3G

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AT&T steps up 850Mhz spectrum roll out for enhanced 3G

(Credit: AT&T)

AT&T has taken a lot of flack from iPhone users about the trouble its network has handling the iPhone ‘s data-heavy needs. AT&T’s network has been blamed repeatedly for poor call quality and dropped calls as well as for a rash of iTunes App Store rejections that included apps like Qik (where live streaming was a no-show) and Slingplayer (which isn’t allowed to sling anything over 3G.

Now, AT&T has stepped (more…)