My move to T-Mobile’s $30 unlimited plan: The good and the bad

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My move to T-Mobiles $30 unlimited plan: The good and the bad

I found T-Mobile's elusive $30-per-month prepaid plan, which proved to be a fine choice for my daughter's unlocked iPhone .

(Credit: Screenshot by Rick Broida/CNET)

I don’t mind my 13-year-old daughter using an unlocked, hand-me-down iPhone 4. It’s actually an ideal phone for her, as it lets her text and app to her heart’s content while allowing me to keep tabs on her whereabouts and app-tivities (she’s on (more…)

Verizon to End Grandfathered Unlimited Data Plans When Customers Move to 4G LTE Smartphones

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iPhone 4S sensor move forces case makers to scramble

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iPhone 4S sensor move forces case makers to scramble

The ambient light sensor (ALS) has moved slightly to left in the new iPhone 4S.


You may not have been happy when Apple released the iPhone 4S instead of an iPhone 5, but a lot of case makers were. That’s because at first glance their existing iPhone 4 cases seemed to work just fine with the new model, which meant that they didn’t have to scramble to create new designs and had a ready supply of (more…)

Jibbigo iPhone App Lets You Translate Between English And Spanish On the Move

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that can help you translate sentences from English to Spanish and vice versa by simply launching the app on and speaking into the iPhone microphone. Without a need for you to go online, this app with its dictionary of close to 40,000 words claims to translate both ways.
However, one of the drawbacks with the iPhone app is in its requirements specs. This translator app requires an
where both English to Spanish and the reverse translation can work (more…)

Gmail’s iPhone Web App Gets Two New Features: ‘Move’ & ‘Enhanced Refresh’

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Heaven Kim, Product Marketing Manager at Google explains the two new features:
The first one is 'Move', which you can find under 'More' in the Floaty Bar. The 'Move' function lets you label and archive a message in a single step. So as soon as you 'move' a conversation to a certain label, that email will disappear from your Inbox and show up under that label. We introduced this feature to Gmail for your PC earlier (more…)