Next Issue brings unlimited magazines to your iPhone

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Next Issue brings unlimited magazines to your iPhone

Next Issue for iPhone has a neat Cover Flow-style view for swiping through magazine issues.

(Credit: Next Issue)

As a die-hard magazine fan, I’ve enjoyed having Next Issue on my iPad. It’s a subscription service that brings me unlimited periodicals for a flat monthly rate ($9.99 or $14.99 depending on whether you want weeklies as well).

Can you read this? Of course not. But Next Issue won’t format the (more…)

Amazon Updates Kindle App For iPhone And iPad To Add PDF & Send-To-Kindle Support, New Design For Magazines & More

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Amazon has updated it’s Kindle app for iPhone and iPad.
The new version of the Kindle app brings new features such as the ability to open PDF documents by sending them from Safari and the Mail app to send-to-Kindle email address, a new user interface for Magazines for iPad users and more.
New Design for Magazines: Kindle for iPad customers now have access to the huge selection of over 400 magazines and newspapers that are available on Kindle Fire. (more…)

After Newspapers And Magazines, Apple Now Allows Developers To Offer Subscriptions For Games

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, which launched along with
, can now be used for games as well. The first app to use the In-App Subscription API is Big Fish Games’ “Play Instantly!” for the iPad, which is sort of like Netflix for games. For a monthly subscription fee, users can play any game in Big Fish’s catalogue.
The subscription will initially cost $4.99 and increase to $6.99 early next year. Without subscriptions users would be limited to a playing time of 30 minutes per (more…)

Amazon To Bring Newspapers & Magazines, ‘Lending For Kindle’ Feature To iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

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Amazon notes that this new update is in line with their vision to make it possible for their customers to buy once and be able to read from everywhere. The popular ecommerce giant is expected to launch the new functionality for the iPhone , iPod Touch and iPad in the coming weeks.
Amazon has also revealed yet another interesting functionality for Kindle users. The company will be introducing a new ”
” functionality that will enable users to lend (more…)