Steve Jobs Worked Closely On Redesigned Next Generation iPhone With Larger Screen

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posted on April 22, 2012
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Analyst Claims Next iPhone Will Be A Complete Redesign, Thinner, With Larger Screen, Support 4G LTE Networks

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reports that according to their sources, Apple ‘s next iPhone will indeed get a major redesign and it was apparently Steve Jobs’ last big project, something we’ve heard earlier. Steve Jobs Apple ‘s co-founder and ex-CEO
The next-generation iPhone “was the last project that Steve Jobs was intimately involved with from concept to final design. For that reason…this product will establish the high water mark for iPhone volumes,” Ashok Kumar, (more…)

Case Manufacturer Bets On iPhone 5 With Larger 4.44-Inch Screen And Tapered “Teardrop” Design

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. We’ve also heard reports that cases based on the case designs are 
event, the chances of a redesigned iPhone 5 are looking
However, that hasn’t stopped cases manufacturers like
to bet on a redesigned iPhone 5.
reports that Hard Candy is another case manufacturer who is betting big on Apple to launch the fifth generation iPhone , which will feature a completely new design.
Strangely, folks at Hard Candy are not sure if the case (more…)

New rumors say iPhone 5 to get larger screen, HSPA+

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New rumors say iPhone 5 to get larger screen, HSPA+

Apple 's iPhone 4.


A new pair of reports suggest that changes are headed to Apple ‘s next iPhone in the form of a bigger screen and a considerably faster data connection.

The first comes from Japanese outlet PC Watch, (via Mac blog Macotakara), which reported on a slide shown by carrier China Unicom at this week’s Macworld Asia, suggesting that the iPhone 5 will add support for HSPA+ technology. (more…)

Purported iPhone 5 Cases Suggest Thinner And Larger iPhone With 4-Inch Screen

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Apple is widely expected to unveil two new iPhones later this month, the first one is the hugely anticipated
, which is being dubbed as
, iPhone 5  will be completely redesigned with a larger edge-to-edge screen, curved/sloped back, and larger capacitive home button.
 last week (as seen below) as they felt that leaked iPhone case designs have a decent track record in predicting future iPhones, are at it again.
and subjected them to (more…)

Apple’s Photo Stream Feature Confirms Redesigned iPhone 5 With Larger Screen, Rectangular Home Button?

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has discovered an icon in the new PhotoStream feature, which appears to be an iPhone icon, but it doesn’t look like iPhone 4. Interestingly, it looks more like the rumored redesigned iPhone 5 with a larger screen and rectangular home button.
We’ve heard conflicting reports about next generation iPhone ’s form factor. According to some reports, 
, will sport a larger screen and will look more like 
While, some reports claim that 

Purported iPhone 5 Case Designs Hint At Larger 4-Inch Edge-To-Edge Screen, Curved/Sloped Back, Capacitive Home Button

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Folks at have published photos of two case designs, which they claim are of the
will completely redesigned with a larger edge-to-edge screen, curved/sloped back, and larger capacitive home button.
The image shown to the right is a design document for an iPhone 5 case, sourced to Mobile Fun from a Chinese case manufacturer. Luckily for us, the image shows the iPhone 5 and reveals some of the massive changes that have been made (more…)

New iPhone 5 Concept: Thinner, Larger 4-Inch Edge To Edge Screen, Improved Cameras & More

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iSwype: Swype Jailbreak App Updated; Gets Blue Tracer Line, Improved Accuracy And Now Works In Most iOS Apps [Updated]
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JailbreakMe 3.0: Comex To Fix Issue Installing Some Packages & iPad Camera Connection Kit Issue
Install PDF Patcher 2 To (more…)

Leaked Photos Of iPhone 5 / iPhone 4S With Larger Screen?

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, which indicate that Apple ’s
will come with a larger edge-to-edge screen.
M.I.C Gadgets have posted two images of what could be photos of Apple ’s fifth generation
with a larger screen, which they are calling iPhone 4S.
M.I.C Gadget reports:
Man, we don’t know if this is real, but at least we can see that it has a larger display and edge-to-edge glass. Maybe it’s a mockup, but we are sure that it’s not an iPhone 4. One more pic (more…)

iPhone 5 Specs: Thinner, Larger 3.7-Inch Screen, Home Button With Gesture Area & More

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Joshua Topolsky, former Engadget Editor has just revealed some interesting information about Apple ’s
, which is rumored to be
, the 5th generation
Topolopsy reports that according to their sources, iPhone 5 will be thinner than the iPhone 4, and have a “teardrop” shape, which goes from thick to thin like MacBook Air.
this falls in line with testing we’ve seen for gestures on the iPad, and our sources say that gestures are definitely (more…)

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