Pebble reboot: smartwatch gets iOS 7 upgrade and new SDK with apps, but no new hardware

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Pebble reboot: smartwatch gets iOS 7 upgrade and new SDK with apps, but no new hardware

The Pebble now gets a lot of notifications via iOS 7.

(Credit: Scott Stein/CNET)

Can software make the Pebble smartwatch better?

The patriarch of this generation of smartwatches isn’t getting a facelift before the end of this year. The black-and-white non-touch display and bare-bones geek charm of the original Pebble will remain. Instead, Pebble will get a bevy of software and app updates, along (more…)

Apple Seriously Considered Releasing iPhone With Hardware Keyboard

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Will iOS 5.1 give Siri hardware access?

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Will iOS 5.1 give Siri hardware access?

With you iOS 5.1 update, you may be able to tell Siri to, “Take a photo.”

Apple )

According to German Web site, iOS 5.1, the first major update to Apple ‘s mobile operating system, will give Apple ‘s voice-controlled assistant Siri the capability to access certain hardware features of the iPhone 4S.

The Web site’s source is listed as an Apple developer commenting on a forthcoming (more…)

The PlayStation Phone: Photos And Hardware Specs Leaked

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Apart from the intuitive interface and admirable aesthetics, one of the other major aspects that have made the iPhone quite popular is the
. No wonder then that almost all the major rival smartphone platforms today have their own application markets. A major contribution to the adoption rate of the app market among users is the availability of a number of high quality
. Several studies in recent times have pointed out that gaming apps
the iOS (more…)

Executive In Charge Of iPhone’s Hardware Leaves Apple Due To iPhone 4 Antennagate

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In a statement, an Apple spokesman, Steve Dowling, confirmed Mr. Papermaster’s departure. Mr. Dowling said Mr. Papermaster “is leaving the company and Bob Mansfield, senior vice president of Macintosh hardware engineering, is assuming his responsibilities.”
Mr. Mansfield already oversees several technologies that are part of the iPhone , including the A4 chip, the retina display and touch screens, Mr. Dowling said.
Apple had fought a legal (more…)

iPhone 4 Antenna issues: Software or hardware?

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A few reports are surfacing that claim the current reception problem with the iPhone 4 could be an issue with the phone’s OS software instead of the phone’s construction. Similar to the recent videos showing the grip on the iPhone 4 resulting in signal loss, others have released videos showing the same things happening on older models after having upgraded to iOS 4. This indicates the problem is in the operating system instead of the phone’s hardware, (more…)