Facebook Planning to Release Facebook Phone by 2013; Hiring iPhone Engineers

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A Facebook phone is a terrible idea. Every heard the saying a day late and a dollar short. Apple and Google have already cornered the market. Facebook’s popularity isn’t enough to grab a sizable market share to be considered relevant. The biggest problem with newcomers is the lack of Apps. Apps are what sell smart phones, take away the apps and a smart phone loses all of its appeal. Apple and Google already have a huge library of apps (more…)

Apple Hiring Engineers to Work On ‘iCar’ Infotainment System?

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Apple hiring iOS engineers for Siri development

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Apple hiring iOS engineers for Siri development

Apple )

According to the descriptions of recent jobs posting on its Web site, Apple is looking for iOS engineers to join its Siri development team to help implement user interface (UI) design for the voice-activated assistant included on every iPhone 4S.

The primary objective of the first position would be to help develop the look and feel of the conversational UI elements while using Siri. This includes a (more…)

Apple Reportedly Has 1,000 Engineers Working On Chips For Post-PC Products

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Apple has more than a thousand engineers working on mobile processors, according to a “Veteran” Silicon Valley CEO who knew Steve Jobs personally. Characterized by their low power consumption and high performance, these chips are a vital part of the “Post-PC” future Apple is betting on.
Apple employees more than 50,000 people, out of which 30,000 work in retail. The thousand employees working on next generation chips amount to five percent of the company’s non-retail (more…)

Apple Hiring Engineers To Bring Google Voice Search-like Functionality To iPhone

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to iOS. The company has posted a number of new job openings that hint at such a possibility.
The job postings are for the positions of an iOS Speech Application Engineer, Speech Recognition Engineers and a Senior Speech Research Scientist.
In the job posting, Apple notes that the hired engineers will work with the iOS Application Frameworks team ”
“. The position requires candidates to have ”
” with popular voice recognition software like (more…)

Apple Hiring Engineers To Work On Verizon iPhone?

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, the company is learned to be scouting for engineers who have experience with Verizon’s CDMA technology.
In a fresh posting on the Apple Jobs portal, the company has sought for a ”
” who is familiar with technologies like CDMA in addition to GSM, GPSRS, EDGE, WCDMA, HSDPA and HSUPA.
While the job posting itself has been removed since then, the experience requirements has raised an important point about the potential new cellular technologies (more…)

iPhone 4 Reception Issues – Competitors Take A Jab While Apple Scouts For Antenna Engineers

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Most notably, users have pointed out to the loss in signal reception when they are in contact with the iPhone 's antenna band. The issue received widespread coverage after Steve Jobs had noted in an email response to a customer that such issues were a ”
Not surprisingly, competitors have now been harping on this perceived weakness of iPhone 4 in marketing their upcoming products. In a recently published full page ad on The New York Times (more…)