AT&T To Roll Out HSPA+ 14.4Mbps Broadband Network In 2010

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AT&T has now announced a policy shift that shall get the subscribers happy. Speaking at an event organized by
, John Stankey, the CEO at AT&T Operations has said that his company intends to implement a more advanced HSPA+ technology that will bring much faster broadband speeds to nearly 250 million Americans by the end of this year.
HSPA+ is an advanced 3G broadband technology that can technically double the wireless broadband speeds from the (more…)

AT&T Improves 3G Mobile Broadband Coverage in New York & New Jersey

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AT&T* today announced a substantial strengthening of its 3G mobile broadband wireless network where it has deployed spectrum in the 850 MHz band across large portions of metro New York City, Long Island and New Jersey. As a result, customers in these areas should experience better connectivity, performance and enhanced in-building wireless coverage.
The 850 MHz spectrum was deployed for 3G use at more than 1,600 cell sites in metro New York, Long (more…)