Rumor: Next-Gen iPhone to Get Broadcom BCM4334 Chip With Wi-Fi Direct For AirDrop

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1) All this file-sharing stuff is just software; no new chip required. Look at Nintendo and its DS: standard 802.11b chip, non-standard protocol above the ethernet layer.
1a) NIH: Apple already has AirPlay Mirroring, what would Wifi Display do other than cannibalise Apple TV sales
2) If Apple were even slightly interested in simple file sharing on iOS, then a) it would have files, and b) it would have added OBEX to its Bluetooth* implementation (more…)

Analyst: Design, UI, Apps & Games Will Make Apple Television Revolutionary, Not Content

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Here’s an idea, how about using control pads. All the top selling console games use control pads primarily. Although games use motion controllers and touch pads, they lack precise control and are still somewhat gimmicky. I’m not a gamer, and I’m not saying that’s how apple should market it. Its just another killer feature that could make a great selling point.
I’m not really sure what makes a great smart tv experience. (more…)

Apple Makes Nearly Twice as Much on iPhone as Nokia Does on Lumia 900

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The one thing I’ve always liked about Microsoft’s Windows is that you could always buy cheap hardware that got the job done. With Apple their aren’t many choices with the exception of overprice memory upgrades. I’d switch over to Android or Windows phone but 3rd party hardware integration is lacking as well as the plethora of apps available. I’m happy with the iphone experience but I just wished Apple wasn’t so (more…)

Google to Hold 3D Maps Event Ahead Of WWDC

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After having Sprint Navigation (not the greatest, but hey- it was free) and then getting the iPhone (which Apple forbids carriers to customize with apps like Sprint Navigation), I discovered a great and free alternative:
It’s a community-based turn-by-turn spoken GPS navigation app with the added benefit of realtime traffic data and community reporting (accidents, vehicle on side of road, police, etc.) It’s certainly not a flawless (more…)

Tim Cook: It’s Unwise to Burden the Tablet With The Legacy of the PC

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So, what he said in the begining is basicaly, “If you just think the tablet isn’t supposed to be able to do everything we expect it to, then it is the best thing ever.”
Somehow that just sounds like lazy talk.
“Look at at this 100 year old PC. It actually sucks, but if you think about how old it is, then it’s great!” No, it’s still a piece of crap by todays standards.
It doesn’t matter if the tablets (more…)

CleverPin: Jailbreak Tweak Makes iPhone’s Passcode Protection Smarter

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The theory is you set it up to recognise the wifi in your house, because if you’ve put your phone down in your house, obviously a stranger can’t pick it up, so it doesn’t really need a pin.
When I used to share an iPod dock, I’d have appreciated one that only pinlocks when charging within a set geofence, but I don’t think my use-case is that common.
Another obvious criterion that none of these apps pick up on is tge (more…)

AT&T CEO: Data-Only Phone Plans Inevitable

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I despise At&t and their business practices. I don’t normally refer people to them, but if you already a customer there’s was or possibly still is a way to upgrade your limited plan to “unlimited”. I don’t remember the steps exactly, but you can do a Google search. You need the first generation iPhone and an early copy of iTunes. What you have to do is sign up through iTunes using the first gen iPhone opting for the unlimited (more…)

Apple to Unveil Operation System For Television Set at WWDC?

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The combined companies that own the ITV trademark have an annual revenue of $3-6 billion. That’s ten percent of Apple ’s. This is not a company that can be crushed like a bug.
Radio Shack famously lost to a cornershop in the UK called ‘The Radio Shack’, which is why all Radio Shacks in the UK are called ‘Maplin’
“ITV” is a global trademark, and ITV has the resources to defend it from Apple . (more…)

Photos Of Leaked Next-Gen iPhone Back And Front Panel Reveals Interesting Details

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What are we to do with all the iCrap accessories that we have accumulated over the years? This is what doomed all the other phone makers. Upgrade the phone, then you needed all new proprietary chargers, earbuds etc. Thankfully they all standardized on the mini usb connector and it doesn’t look like that is going anywhere soon. What’s nice about that is you can use one cable when you travel for charging, a scanner, camera, video camera, (more…)

Absinthe 2.0.4 With Support For iPad2,4 Released

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Tried this on an iPad 1 and iPhone 4s. Both devices stuck at the spinner for hours. Left the ipad on most of the day and overnight and it stayed on the spinner. I held both buttons to reset the devices. On the 4s it went into recovery mode and I restored the 5.1.1 firmware (it was on 5.01).
On the ipad when it restarted everything was the same. I just did the update via iTunes then ran Absinthe. all is working fine.
So, erase all didn’t (more…)

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