Chase will only take suggestions for brand new collection or stand alone graphical books

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Chase will only take suggestions for brand new collection or stand alone graphical books

Hound Comics

Full really works (they actually do accept penciling, inking, lettering, and dyes samples)

Hound Comics will undoubtedly distribute creator-owned information. Chase will most definately acknowledge recommendations for brand-new line or independent visual books.

Article writers: No script-only articles. Any software or plotline unaccompanied by benefits could be unread and discarded. Should you be a well accredited expert, satisfy send out samples of their published function and additionally they can run anything completely.

Artists: the two take penciling, inking, lettering, and shading examples. Craft trials can be continued file and might possibly mean hooking up some other creators if when the celebration comes up.


HUMANOIDS is actually equipped to study newer interesting tasks and great newer skills for their household.

1) In order for them to take a look at draw as well as promising in another of their own imprints (Humanoids Legacy, immense, lifestyle Drawn, H1), kindly submit the Pitch page doctor and dispatch to editorial@humanoids.

2) Should youa€™re both journalist and Artist, or if a painter has become linked to the task, they request the subsequent details and:

a€“ 1 pinup or cover (med to whats up solution)

a€“ 5-10 completed inside pages (med to hey resolution) in PDF format

When you are a design musician, make sure you give a PDF accounts of one’s work to editorial@humanoids.

Should you be an author and dona€™t have actually a painter, dona€™t concern. Obtained the back. Refill the Pitch Sheet if in case theya€™re curious, theya€™ll create an innovative employees around any project.

3) become on your own. Dona€™t just be sure to ape someonea€™s fashion (in writing or painting). Dona€™t furthermore start out with a€?I have the best pitch for Humanoidsa€?. Humanoids keeps circulated many comics in lots of genres on their history. Give full attention to sending a strong presentation, well-written and delightfully driven.

4) check their unique directory in order to comprehend their unique different imprints before you upload your very own presentation.

5) don’t send a presentation aimed at another author (youa€™d find very bad).

Female Loss Universe

Woman passing market is definitely seeking newer, becoming more popular writers and singers of course your own ideas is killer, they may look at choosing you. But before distributing examples to us, take note the following:

These days selecting: Pencilers, Inkers, Sequential musicians, address artists, Colorists, Letterers

Writers : Most of us apologize, but we are really not looking for people at the present time.


If you want to literally send an art submission, you should never send out originals.

Lion Forge Comics

Authors, Designers, Concepts

The Lion Forge, LLC (a€?Lion Forgea€?) cannot consistently accept unwanted concepts, treatments, aspects, scripts, artworks, and other content. However, Lion Forge once in a while thinks brand new concepts, platforms, or guidelines from outdoors origins.

Whether you have a thought, process, concept, artwork a€“ you could distribute such ingredients to Lion Forge, but on condition that first you recognize and consent to the Lion Forge Submission insurance policy and entry launch contract.

Take note that if you like to distribute content, send a website link to publicly-posted profiles. Any articles in excess of 25 MB aren’t going acknowledged and needs to be offered by delivering a link.

Your wona€™t often have an instantaneous reply, but our very own editorial staff members create see whatever appear through the portal.

Red 5 Comics

Pencillers, Inkers, Colorists, Letterers, Done Works

Their submission includes at the least five (5) posts of your own better sequential storytelling methods, not just drawings or pin-ups. These posts should reveal a capability to manage different moments, engineering, experiences, and charactersa€¦ starting from silent dialog to rigorous action.

Pencillers: your own profile should program pencils-only, not just inked or tinted articles. Ensure that the scans were of excellent adequate standard to plainly see your perform.

Inkers: their instances must always be Heterosexual dating dating service black-and-white and include a side-by-side assessment on your earliest pencils.

Colorists: the portfolio need according to line-art from several writers and singers and show their capabilities in a number of types.

Red 5 Comics is usually available to examining standard creator-owned work for syndication. Both you and your employees create print-ready posts, and Red 5 Comics manages advertisements, publishing, delivery and associated actions. The comic is actually posted and there is a profit-split. You and your organization retain full proper within the mental house.

Any project must currently have the full imaginative employees fully committed and on-board, such as an author, penciler, inker, colorist (if colors), and letterer. Red 5 Comics has an interest only in work which happen to be G, PG or PG-13 in the wild. We’ll perhaps not acknowledge R-rated proposals. No costumed superhero stories at the moment.

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