iPhone 5S teardown: New Sony camera sensor inside

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iPhone 5S teardown: New Sony camera sensor inside

iPhone 5S camera. It has a new 8MP sensor, with bigger pixels. It also has an increased aperture of f/2.2.

(Credit: Apple )

Among the highlights of iFixit’s teardown of the iPhone 5S is a new Sony sensor for the 5S’ boffo camera.

Apple has gone with a “new variant” of the Sony sensor, as it did in the iPhone 5, according to iFixit.

The…markings are consistent with the markings on the camera modules housing the Sony IMX145 we saw in the iPhone 4s and on the iPhone 5. The marks on the side of the module are different, but our industry insiders tell us this is Sony’s again…As Apple has stated the pixel pitch on this camera is 1.5 ยต, this sensor should not be the IMX145, but a newer variant.”

New Sony camera sensor in the iPhone 5S, courtesy of iFixit.

(Credit: iFixit)

Apple ‘s iPhone 5S camera improves on the already-great iPhone 5 camera, according to CNET.

“All you can really count on for sure with the iPhone 5S is that it has a noticeably better camera…Close-up photos show off pretty incredible detail and a shallower depth-of-field effect, which feels more “SLR-like,” CNET said about the 5S’ 8MP camera.

The iPhone 5S' home button with its fingerprint sensor.

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