The one thing Apple must do to keep me as an iPhone customer

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The one thing Apple must do to keep me as an iPhone customer

The Samsung Galaxy S4 (left) offers a much bigger screen than the iPhone 5 (right), and positively dwarfs my iPhone 4S (see below).

(Credit: Sarah Tew/CNET)

OK, Apple , cards on the table.

I’ve been an iPhone user since the beginning. I’ve owned every model through the 4S, upgrading on an almost annual basis even though it meant paying extra. (Ah, the joys of the AT&T contract and its early-upgrade penalties.)

Why no iPhone 5? That little bit of extra screen-estate and slightly improved camera weren’t enough to loosen my wallet, and so for the first time I held tight to last year’s model. My 4S is soon to celebrate its second birthday, at which time I’ll be out of my contract and free to make a move.

On September 10, you’re announcing something new. Most signs point to an iPhone 5S, which, if the 4S is any indication, will be an iPhone 5 with a few extra gewgaws — a fingerprint scanner, perhaps, and maybe a gold finish and 128GB storage option.

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