Get a free 100-photo flip-book from Groovebook

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Get a free 100-photo flip-book from Groovebook

For a mere $2.99 per month, Groovebook delivers a perforated flip-book of a whopping 100 photos, all uploaded from your smartphone.

(Credit: Groovebook)

The other day I told you about an app that lets you order Polaroid-style prints from your iPhone — for 99 cents apiece.

Today, let’s talk quantity. If you snap a lot of photos and frequently hit up, say, Snapfish or Walgreens for big batches of prints, I’ve got an interesting deal for you.

For a limited time, you can get a free 100-photo flip-book from Groovebook when you apply coupon code CNETGROOVE at checkout. That’s a colossal savings of…wait for it…$2.99!

No, seriously. Without that code, a 100-photo flip-book would cost you exactly $2.99. Shipped. What kind of crazy craziness is this? I’ll explain.

After installing the Groovebook app (Android|iOS), you simply choose up to 100 photos from your camera roll, then wait (for what promises to be a while) for them to upload.

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