Which phone should you buy?

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Which phone should you buy?

A big ole pile of phones.

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This story, originally published September 14, 2012, updates often to reflect the arrival of new phones.

“Which phone should I buy?” As phone reviewers, this is the single most common question readers like you ask us every day. With the launch of a new BlackBerry Z10 smartphone and upcoming BlackBerry Q10 joining the Apple iPhone 5, a legion of excellent Android handsets, and the rise of Microsoft’s Windows phones, the choices are more numerous than ever before.

On the bright side, options a good thing — if you’re armed with the knowledge necessary to make smart shopping decisions. Sit tight as we lay down what you need to find the right mobile platform and model for you.

Which operating system is for you?

iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry. Each has its own pluses and minuses, and will appeal to people differently depending on what they want. While a unique phone design might lure you to a new OS, many people prefer to start with the platform and go from there.

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Which phone should you buy?

Which phone should you buy?

Which phone should you buy?

Which phone should you buy?

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