My post-iTunes life

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My post-iTunes life

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iTunes 11 is finally here. I hear that it’s a step in the right direction, correcting many of the missteps and redundancies that have crept into the bloated software over the years.

But I can’t really give you a full opinion on iTunes 11 because I really haven’t spent that much time with it on a personal level.

That’s because I don’t use my Mac for media.

Instead, my pocket-size iPhone handles my music, and I watch most videos on my iPad or my TV.

Yes, my Mac still handles my photo library and home movies, but that’s what iPhoto, iMovie, and other applications are for.

And thanks to the improvements to iOS and the increasingly cloud-based iTunes service over the years, I no longer need to sync my devices with the desktop version of iTunes anymore.

I hate syncing via iTunes…so I don’t do it. As a heavy iOS device user, I’m happy to say that my previous intense reliance on iTunes has diminished to the point where I use it infrequently, and only when absolutely necessary. I use the iTunes Store on iOS, and iTunes Match, but not iTunes.

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My post-iTunes life

My post-iTunes life

My post-iTunes life

My post-iTunes life

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