Evernote 5 coming soon to iOS

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Evernote 5 coming soon to iOS

The new Evernote for iPad features a revamped Home screen and much easier navigation.

(Credit: Evernote)

As much as I’m a fan of Evernote (who isn’t?), I’ve never really liked its companion apps. On my iPhone , for example, I’ve always found the interface confusing and not especially pretty.

That’s about to change. According to the company’s blog, Evernote 5 is coming soon for iPhone , iPad, and iPod Touch. And it’s looking mighty sharp.

The new Home screen, for example, resembles the top edge of a file drawer, with stacked tabs for things like places, tags, notes, and notebooks. One tap takes you directly to the corresponding screen.

It’s also easier to create something new by tapping the Text Note, Photo, or Page Camera icon, this last used to “scan” existing documents. It’s seen some improvements as well, now able to detect and crop page edges better than before.

If you’re an iPad user, you’ll see a swipeable list of recent notes — a great feature I’d love to see added to the iPhone version.

Here’s a full rundown of what’s new in Evernote 5. You can also check out this teaser video, which shows the new … [Read more]

Evernote 5 coming soon to iOS

Evernote 5 coming soon to iOS

Evernote 5 coming soon to iOS

Evernote 5 coming soon to iOS

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