With iPhone 5, Apple is out to prove it’s still the king

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With iPhone 5, Apple is out to prove its still the king

Apple CEO Tim Cook and the newly unveiled iPhone 5.

James Martin/CNET)

Apple made the case today that its newly unveiled iPhone 5 should take its rightful spot atop the smartphone food chain.

Apple )

But for seemingly the first time, it’s not exactly a slam dunk that Apple ‘s device belongs there.

When the iPhone 4 debuted in June 2010, it was the phone to own. The Android phenomenon hadn’t taken over yet, and Samsung Electronics was still finding its way. Established handset vendors Nokia and Research In Motion, meanwhile, were at the beginning of their quickly accelerating declines. The momentum was behind Apple and CEO Steve Jobs.

Following a lengthier-than-expected upgrade cycle to the incrementally better iPhone 4S, and now the iPhone 5, things have changed. Android is pervasive, and Samsung now has a significant lead in the smartphone business with a franchise, the Galaxy S, that generates nearly as much buzz as the iPhone . Motorola is a part of Google. Nokia and… [Read more]

With iPhone 5, Apple is out to prove its still the king

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