What I’d like to see in the iPhone 5

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What Id like to see in the iPhone 5

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I’ve owned an iPhone every year since its 2007 debut. Every one. The reward for such reckless upgrading has been a sense of the iPhone ‘s evolution over those years. What started as a device that had not many apps to speak of, but dripped futurism, has become an always-on, location-aware, frighteningly integral part of my nervous system.

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While I’ve listed what we expect out of the next iPhone , I haven’t told you what I want. So, here’s my own personal list of what matters most…to me.

Battery life. Honestly, I can’t stress this enough. The iPhone ‘s become my all-in-one catch-all device, the one thing other than my keys and wallet that I need to take with me. It’s a mission-critical device. I need t… [Read more]

What Id like to see in the iPhone 5

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