MorphCase turns your iPod Touch into an iPhone

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MorphCase turns your iPod Touch into an iPhone

The MorphCase adds a speaker and microphone to your iPod Touch, thus allowing you to enjoy Wi-Fi-powered calls more easily.

Dexterity LLC)

If it looks like an iPhone and walks like an iPhone , it must be an iPhone , right? Yet the iPod Touch isn’t quite there.

Sure, you can install a voice-over-IP app like Fring, Line2 (a personal favorite), or Skype and make calls over Wi-Fi, but you still have to plug in a headset or rely on the speakerphone — you can’t hold the iPod up to your head and talk into it like you do an iPhone .

Not yet, anyway. Indiegogo project MorphCase lets you use your iPod Touch like an iPhone , effectively replacing the need for a headset with a cleverly customized case.

Specifically, the MorphCase plugs into your iPod ‘s headphone jack and clips over the top and back, giving you a handset-style speaker and microphone.

In other words, it lets you hold your iPod to your ear, just like you would an iPhone . It adds very little weight, depth, or length to … [Read more]

MorphCase turns your iPod Touch into an iPhone

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