Leaked video shows ‘real’ iPhone 5

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Leaked video shows real iPhone 5

This leaked video would seem to prove the existence of a new dock connector and bottom-side headphone jack.

Screenshot by Rick Broida/CNET)

It’s now exactly one week until September 12, otherwise known as iPhone 5 launch day. Or perhaps it’ll be “new iPhone ” launch day.

Whatever the case, another Apple handset is coming — and a new video suggests that all the mockups, leaked specs, and other rumors we’ve seen are right on target.

The video (obtained via Gizmodo) shows the new iPhone alongside an iPhone 4, with the handler turning them over so you can see them side by side, back to back, top to top, and so on.

OK, sure, but maybe this is just another mockup of assembled parts? Nope: 40 seconds in, the user boots both phones — and it’s about 34 seconds later that the new iPho… [Read more]

Leaked video shows real iPhone 5

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