iPhone 5 will disrupt mobile industry, says analyst

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iPhone 5 will disrupt mobile industry, says analyst


The iPhone 5 will leave a trail of winners and losers across the mobile technology landscape, says J.P. Morgan analyst Mark Moskwitz.

Apple is expected to challenge other handset makers with the new phone’s battery performance, screen size, and form factor, Moskowitz said in an investors note released today. Whereas larger rival 4G LTE phones have been called “battery hogs” and “pocket hogs,” the iPhone 5 is expected to sidestep such labels, thereby taking away market share from other phone makers.

An LTE-enabled iPhone will join a host of other 4G phones offering high data speeds on the go. As such, the PC industry could lose further ground to mobile phone vendors, hurting growth at such companies as Dell and HP.

Wireless carriers in the U.S. will likely see a slew of upgrades to the new iPhone over the near term, according to Moskowitz, putting pressure on their profit margins. The iPhone 5 will also force carriers to ramp up their 4G rollouts as more customers jump from 3G phones.

Various suppliers stand to benefit from the new iPhone .

LG Display provides the in-cell panels, while Samsung is responsible for the graphics memory. LG Innotek makes the camera module, and Semco the chip capacitors. On the downside, the debut of mapping and turn-by-turn navigation on the iPhone 5 could be a small negative for GPS vendors such as Garmin and TeleNav.

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iPhone 5 will disrupt mobile industry, says analyst

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