iPhone 5 sales exhaust initial supply, trip up servers

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iPhone 5 sales exhaust initial supply, trip up servers

Apple 's online store in France handled iPhone 5 orders with no trouble, but not all e-commerce sites handled the load so gracefully.

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The iPhone 5 hiccuped onto the market today, taking down several online stores and quickly selling out the first supply of Apple ‘s new smartphone.

Initial stock from Apple for release day delivery sold out in less than an hour. Those looking to purchase the phone just after 1 a.m. PT discovered new orders from Apple ‘s online site had estimated shipping times of “2 weeks” instead of the original “delivers by” September 21 message.

How far back can Apple push it? In the iPhone 4S case last year, Apple extended delivery of new orders to three to four weeks after the launch. Some buyers ended up canceling online orders and waiting in line at retail stores instead.

In the United States, early buyers today found the both Apple and AT&T’s online stores down for maintenance. Savvy users discovered that orders could still be placed through Apple ‘s iOS app, where buying options went live immediately after midnight. Meanwhile, Verizon’s site appeared to be fully functional, unlike Sprint’s, which spent its first half hour at a crawl when trying to view the ordering page.

The U.K. carrier 3 had difficulties fulfilling iPhone 5 demand.

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