iPhone 5 leaks light, say some users

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iPhone 5 leaks light, say some users

Some iPhone 5 owners are reporting light leakage from the new phone.

Apple )

The iPhone 5 may have the same light leak problem that initially plagued other Apple devices.

Chiming in on the MacRumors forum, one user posted a photo of the new iPhone in relative darkness, showing a small flash of light coming from the top of the device behind the glass panel. Another posted a similar picture displaying the same light leak. Other users have since added to both discussions, reporting the same issue on their new iPhones.

Apple ‘s Discussion Forums have also picked up a few complaints about the light leakage.

Some users say they received a replacement unit from Apple , but the new units suffered from the same glitch. The number of posts on this problem is small so far, so it’s difficult to tell how widespread the issue may be.

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