iPhone 5 camera powered by Sony sensor

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iPhone 5 camera powered by Sony sensor

The iPhone 5 camera uses an 8-megapixel sensor from Sony, ChipWorks found.


Sony has been on a roll with its camera image sensors, and a close look by ChipWorks shows that the iPhone 5 uses one of its products for the main camera.

A close-up photo shows the Sony brand name on the 8-megapixel sensor at the heart of the camera.

It’s not a big surprise: Sony is very competitive with image sensors these days, and former Sony CEO Howard Stringer let slip earlier this year that Sony was supplying camera technology to Apple .

But the iPhone 5 has two cameras, of course. The lesser one, a front-facing camera for videoconferencing software such as Microsoft’s Skype or Apple ‘s Facetime, uses a sensor from Sony competitor Omnivision, ChipWorks found.

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iPhone 5 camera powered by Sony sensor

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