Ho-hum. The iPhone 5 isn’t going to wow anyone

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Ho-hum. The iPhone 5 isnt going to wow anyone

Are these phones really that different?

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commentary So that’s all you’ve got, Apple ?

Today’s Apple event finally brought to light a redesigned iPhone 5 — the first significant change after more than two years. But the latest installment warranted polite applause rather than enthusiastic cheering. If you take a step back from the instant excitement and hype that comes from an Apple launch event, you start to see that there’s actually little that’s all that groundbreaking.

Yes, the iPhone features a new look, but it’s really only slightly elongated and a bit thinner than the previous version. Look at the side-by-side comparison; did Apple really strain itself to be different? Many of its big new features, from 4G LTE compatibility to a bigger display, have long been found in rival Android and even Windows Phone smartphones. In fact, as the features were ticked off, I kept thinking to myself that there was either an app for it, or it’s already been done by Android.

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Think about it: was there one legitimately new feature that w… [Read more]

Ho-hum. The iPhone 5 isnt going to wow anyone

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