Hiccups hit some iPhone 5 pre-order sites

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Hiccups hit some iPhone 5 pre-order sites

Apple 's online store in France handled iPhone 5 orders with no trouble, but not all e-commerce sites handled the load so gracefully.

screenshot by Stephen Shankland/CNET)

The iPhone 5 hiccuped onto the market today, with a smooth pre-order process at some sites but unresponsive servers elsewhere.

In the United States, early buyers found the store sections on both Apple and AT&T’s sites down for maintenance. Savvy users discovered that orders could still be placed through Apple ‘s iOS app, where buying options went live immediately after midnight. Meanwhile, Verizon’s site appeared to be fully functional, unlike Sprint’s which spent its first half hour at a crawl when trying to view the ordering page.

“It’s coming,” Sprint’s store page read. “We’re excited and readying the store for your orders. Check back soon to place your pre-order.”

Apple ‘s online stores in the U.K., Germany, and France responded smoothly to pre-order requests. Curiuosly, Apple ‘s online store in the United States worked smoothly from France but wasn’t available from California for a few minutes in CNET’s attempts to get through.

Actually completing the order can be another matter: When blogger Danny Sullivan tried to place his pre-order through the Apple store with for a pho… [Read more]

Hiccups hit some iPhone 5 pre-order sites

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