Arcade football games for iOS

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Arcade football games for iOS


We’re now in the second week of the NFL football season, and if you’re a fan of the game you probably already know when and where you’re going to watch your favorite team play this weekend. But when it’s not game watching time in the middle of the week, or even at halftime, I found some great games that make you a part of the action without getting too involved.

There are full American football game options at the App Store like Madden NFL 12 and Gameloft’s NFL series, but neither are nearly as good as what you would find on a console and the touch-screen interfaces leave a lot to be desired. That’s why instead of talking about those games here, I went with easier to pick up and play arcade-like football games that won’t keep you glued to your iPhone for a long time.

This week’s collection of iOS apps let you focus on playing as specific players on a football team. The first focuses on running, letting you dodge tackles, and even showboat as you run into the end zone. The second lets you play as a kicker, sending the football through the goal posts or trying to get the perfect punt right by the goal line. The third puts you in the shoes of a quarterback as you swipe to make perfect passes to moving receivers.

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Arcade football games for iOS

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