Apple’s Siri trounces Samsung’s S Voice (hands-on)

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Apples Siri trounces Samsungs S Voice (hands-on)

Samsung's S Voice assistant (L) takes on Apple 's Siri (R).


I’ve updated this hands-on to reflect Siri’s new tricks in iOS6; it originally posted June 21, 2012 comparing S Voice on the Galaxy S3 — which is still current — to Siri on iOS 5.

Samsung’s answer to Siri has been getting a bad rap ever since the Galaxy S III (S3) landed in reviewers’ hands. CNET slammed the Siri-wannabe before the Galaxy S3 arrived in the U.S., and Siri easily won here in San Francisco as well.

The dueling assistances can perform many of the same tricks. I repeated 12 Apple iPhone 5commands that span the breadth of their shared cpabilities, at the same time and in the same location. Since my test phones were on different data networks, I factored accuracy only, not the time it took to complete an action.

Hanging with Siri1-2 of 26Scroll LeftScroll Right… [Read more]

Apples Siri trounces Samsungs S Voice (hands-on)

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