Apple union’s ‘Day of Solidarity’ to protest working conditions

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Apple unions Day of Solidarity to protest working conditions

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Apple stores selling the iPhone 5 today may see more than just customers outside their doors.

The Apple Workers Union wants store staffers to protest in front of Apple stores today to show solidarity for employees in France and at China’s Foxconn plant. The union’s “Day of Solidarity” is aimed at stores in the U.S., the U.K., Canada, Australia, France, Germany, China, and Japan — the same countries offering the iPhone 5 starting today.

Calling on workers to “demand a better Apple ,” the union is backing Apple Store employees in France who are striking for a cost of living increase and access to fresh drinking water, among other items.

At one of the two Apple ‘s stores in Paris, people from two different groups raised their voices in protest earlier today. The Solidaires Unitaires Democratiques (SUD) union is looking for better benefits, while former Apple retailer eBizcuss is complaining of poor treatment by Apple , forcing it to close its doors in July.

SUD Secretary Laurent Degousee told CNET that the union is asking for rest breaks for employees, drinking water, and … [Read more]

Apple unions Day of Solidarity to protest working conditions

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