4 smaller useful tweaks in iOS 6

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4 smaller useful tweaks in iOS 6

iOS 6 became available for download today, and if you want to get up to speed on what exactly is included with the update, check out my review here. Some of the major highlights are the completely redesigned Maps app, upgrades to Siri, and several other new features. But with iOS 6 there are more than 200 new features, and clearly I couldn’t cover them all in my review.

Part of what makes this update a must-have for Apple ‘s mobile devices are the numerous smaller tweaks that make using your iPhone , iPad, or iPod Touch easier. I’m talking about the little conveniences that are an upgrade to previous versions that take away unnecessary steps or add a smart feature for your everyday phone use. I’ve rounded up four that I came across in my testing, but there are certainly many I could list here.


The Share button
What used to be a simple list of buttons stacked on top of each other was functional, but it wasn’t pretty. The number of buttons was also limited by screen real estate, and with new additions like Facebook integration, Apple needed to come up with a way to show more.

Now with iOS 6 you get a bunch of icons that spring into view when you hit the Share button. The look is a lot like the home screen and offers your standard share locations like Messages, Facebook, and Twitter, but you also have the new Shared Photo Stream button handy.

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4 smaller useful tweaks in iOS 6

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