The five handiest smartphone apps ever

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The five handiest smartphone apps ever

The newly updated Bump makes it awesomely easy to transfer photos to your PC.

Bump Technologies)

Technology advances so rapidly these days, it’s easy to become jaded, to take for granted the minor miracles we can now accomplish using our phones.

For example, yesterday I met my wife for lunch in an unfamiliar area of town. We were both in the mood for Thai, so I pulled out my iPhone , fired up a certain app, and in seconds found several nearby Thai joints. Ah, but which ones were good and not so good? An abundance of user ratings answered that question.

How amazing is that? And it’s just one example of how select apps can make life not just easier, but also better. Below I’ve rounded up five that I consider both essential and indispensable. Check my picks, then add your own to the list (in the comments, of course).

1. Bump (Android | iOS)
Because I’m not a mover and shaker in the business world (or even the outside world), I rarely had the need to use Bump’s cool contact information-swapping capabilities.

But last month, the app got an upgrade that makes it crazy-handy: you can now … [Read more]

The five handiest smartphone apps ever

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