Official ‘Star Wars’ iPhone cases coming soon to our galaxy

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Official Star Wars iPhone cases coming soon to our galaxy

Also available: an engraved R2-D2 design and a case with Chewbacca fur (simulated, we hope).


At the E3 Expo yesterday, accessory maker PowerA announced a new line of officially licensed Star Wars iPhone cases.

Now, depending on your age, your overall level of geekiness, and the chronology of your initial exposure to “Star Wars,” this will probably prompt one of the following reactions:

1. “Ohmigod-ohmigod-ohmigod!”

2. “Cool! On second thought, which ‘Star Wars’ are we talking about: prequels or original?”

3. “Sorry, but I’m so disgusted with George Lucas that I no longer consider myself a fan.”

I must admit I’m in the third category. The three prequels were just awful, and Lucas all but ruined the originals for me with his tweaks and edits.

Well, OK, there’s still a trace of fan left; Lucas hasn’t driven it from me fully. And PowerA’s cases are so cool-looking, so classic “Star Wars,” I might just consider one.

The four limited-edition designs include R2-D2 (complete with engraved details), Chewbacca (with actual fur! Though hopefully not from actual Wookiees), and two of the original “Star Wars” movie posters. All four are constructed… [Read more]

Official Star Wars iPhone cases coming soon to our galaxy

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