Analyst: Design, UI, Apps & Games Will Make Apple Television Revolutionary, Not Content

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Here’s an idea, how about using control pads. All the top selling console games use control pads primarily. Although games use motion controllers and touch pads, they lack precise control and are still somewhat gimmicky. I’m not a gamer, and I’m not saying that’s how apple should market it. Its just another killer feature that could make a great selling point.
I’m not really sure what makes a great smart tv experience. I own a Roku and what I like most is that I can subscribe for a messily $16 a month and get near unlimited content via Netflix for movies and Hula Plus for tv shows. Since I’m a casual tv watcher it works well for me and my wallet. With that same $16 dollars on Apple tv I could rent about 8 movies if I’m lucky. Rentals rightfully have their place, but Apple ’s favors them more because its more profitable. What I’d like to see is more subscription content and more content in general. Presently the Apple tv 3 isn’t jailbroken and until it is its not a viable option. Its just to limited. Guess I’ll have to wait and see what Apple television offers when it hits the shelves.

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