Yep, Apple owns now

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Yep, Apple owns now

Apple 's iPhone 4S, not to be confused with the domain name for what may or may not be Apple 's next iPhone .

Josh Lowensohn/CNET)

If there were any lingering doubts that Apple sought to control the iPhone domain, a recently updated domain record shows that that’s exactly what happened.

The Whois database record for iPhone, updated on May 21, now shows “Apple Inc.” as its registrant, with registered servers that go back to Apple .com. Even so, the site continues to not go anywhere.

The move comes a week after the closure of an investigation by The World Intellectual Property Organization regarding the domain name. Apple had taken aim at an Internet forum site residing at iPhone, which had been created in February 2008, less than a year after Apple unveiled its first-generation iPhone .

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Following a termination of that investigation, it remained unclear whether Apple was the owner, given a handover to brand pr… [Read more]

Yep, Apple owns now

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