Top weather apps for iOS

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Top weather apps for iOS

Whether you live in rainy Seattle or are expecting thunder storms in Albany, N.Y., it’s always a good idea to carry solid weather apps on your iPhone for quick forecasts.

The Weather Channel released a 5.0 version of its app late last week with a upgraded interface and a few more features that will be useful to amateur meteorologists everywhere, but it doesn’t have everything. One of the more useful parts of any local weather forecast is when you get to see the live doppler radar for your location. The Weather Channel will show you a radar overlay, but you can’t see it move. That’s where the second of this one-two punch of apps comes in, NOAA Hi-def Radar.

With this pair of apps, you might find that one or the other is the best weather app for you, but hopefully this comparison will help you choose the best combination to fit your needs.

You'll get almost all the weather info you need, but you'll have to put up with the ads.

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The Weather Channel (Free) is a weather-monitoring application that provides many more features than Apple ‘s built-in Weather app. Released first in 2008, the app recently received a complete overhaul to the interface, adding features that make it even easier to check weather conditions wherever you are.

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Top weather apps for iOS

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