Tim Cook: It’s Unwise to Burden the Tablet With The Legacy of the PC

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So, what he said in the begining is basicaly, “If you just think the tablet isn’t supposed to be able to do everything we expect it to, then it is the best thing ever.”
Somehow that just sounds like lazy talk.
“Look at at this 100 year old PC. It actually sucks, but if you think about how old it is, then it’s great!” No, it’s still a piece of crap by todays standards.
It doesn’t matter if the tablets are carrying the PC legacy or not, that’s not the point. What people want is funcionality, usefullness and looks. The main selling point of an iPad (or any apple product, for that matter) is that it’s extremely usefull in everydays life. Then having the apple CEO saying “Well, it is actually extremely limited, a laptop can still do more” is atleast slightly contradictory.
Instead of trying to get lame excuses like this, why don’t you guys innovate a little more? Let’s face it, since Steve Jobs has gone under the grave, Apple hasn’t seen alot of inovation, just a slight upgrade of the products he invented. And Apple is known for inovating and pushing the world forward.

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