Sync your music files to Spotify on iPhone

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Sync your music files to Spotify on iPhone

Add your music to Spotify on iPhone

Spotify’s Android users have it easy. In the Android version of the app, Spotify can just peek at whatever music files you have loaded on your phone and allow you to play them alongside any songs from its streaming library.

But because Apple is very particular about third-party apps accessing iTunes content, the Spotify app on the iPhone has to jump through a few extra hoops to accomplish the same feat.

The payoff? Well, if you love using the Spotify app and resent having to jump out of it to hear songs from your personal collection, you can now have everything live inside Spotify.

To see how it all works, check out my How To video and step-by-step slideshow. If something’s still not working quite right or you have a request for another How To, let me know.

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Sync your music files to Spotify on iPhone

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