SquareTrade’s warranty now covers jailbroken iPhones

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SquareTrades warranty now covers jailbroken iPhones

JailBreakMe, one of several jailbreak options.

Steven Musil/CNET)

Third-party gadget warranty service SquareTrade today expanded its coverage, and now supports jailbroken iPhones.

That procedure — which gives device owners deep system-level access, letting them install third-party software from places other than Apple ‘s App Store — voids Apple ‘s own warranty, and that from carriers.

A company spokesperson said the change affects both new and existing coverage holders.

No word yet on if this extends to iPads and iPods, which SquareTrade also covers as part of its warranty service. The three gadgets share the same operating system.

SquareTrade’s been around since 1999, but didn’t home in on selling warranties until 2004. It garnered more attention by offering accidental damage coverage on devices before the makers themselves offered it. Apple , for example, only added damage coverage with its AppleCare+ program last October. SquareTrade secured a … [Read more]

SquareTrades warranty now covers jailbroken iPhones

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