Satechi’s awesome Bluetooth remote arrives for iPhones, iPads

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Satechis awesome Bluetooth remote arrives for iPhones, iPads

Compact, lightweight, and just plain cool, the BT Remote is great for controlling your iDevice.


Last month, CNET reported that Apple was granted a patent for a steering-wheel remote, a clever-sounding gizmo that would allow drivers to control audio playback without having to look at or interact with their iPhones.

Of course, who knows if or when this product will see the light of day. Fortunately, there’s another one that already has: the Satechi BT Media Remote. I’ve spent the last couple days test-driving one, and I’ve arrived at this conclusion: Best. Accessory. Ever!

OK, maybe I’m a little overenthusiastic about a Bluetooth remote, but it solves exactly the problem described above. When I’m in my car, listening to a playlist, a podcast, or Pandora, I have no control over the iPod app unless I look at my iPhone . And that makes for some seriously distracted driving.

It’s also a boon when I’ve got my iPhone sitting in a speaker dock halfway across the room, and want to switch tracks without getting up.

The remote provides a full set of playback cont… [Read more]

Satechis awesome Bluetooth remote arrives for iPhones, iPads

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