Polarize your iPhone photos with Trygger

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Polarize your iPhone photos with Trygger


I had the opportunity to check out the Trygger iPhone Camera Case for iPhone 4/4S firsthand a couple weeks ago in Portland, Oregon. Its co-creator, Joel Kamerman, and I sat down to test the prototype and I was immediately blown away.

As a fashion photographer in my spare time, the benefit of having the Trygger case secured to my iPhone was easily apparent. With a solid and sturdy case structure that maintained a slim feel to my iPhone , the Trygger case adds great functionality without the bulk.

Of course, the real gem of the Trygger case is the polarizing filter it gives your iPhone . I have no less than 20 camera- or photo-related apps on my iPhone (and several I have deleted), all that provide some sort of enhancement to my mobile pictures.

No app, however, can give you what the Trygger case offers.

By adding polarization to your photograph before you take it, all those other apps instantly become better — yes, even Instagram. The Trygger case accomplishes its task with a delicacy that few other cases offer.

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