pod2g: iOS 5.1 Untethered Jailbreak Release Some Weeks Away

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Surely 5.1 is pointless now as apple are signing 5.1.1 so for the people who are on 5.01 they will have to upgrade to 5.1.1, so this jailbreak is pointless! We wait so long for a jailbreak, new firmware normally released before jailbreak does,
This is really boring now, I appreciate all the work theese hackers are doing, but like the majority of people out there were ick of being shown suff that’s never released or being told few weeks,
This scene has started to go really down hill, it seems its controlled by a few individuals wich are really behind and refuse to let others help or share there experience with others so they can learn, I don’t want an android so it looks like I’ll be giving up on all this jail breaking and just run stock,
It’s not what it was 2 years ago, a soon as a product was launched it was jailbroken and released within hours and the hacker were gods, now it takes months to release even after proof of the jailbreak has been shown and now it seems to be about trolling!
Boring I’m not 10years old anymore!

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