Photos Of Leaked Next-Gen iPhone Back And Front Panel Reveals Interesting Details

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What are we to do with all the iCrap accessories that we have accumulated over the years? This is what doomed all the other phone makers. Upgrade the phone, then you needed all new proprietary chargers, earbuds etc. Thankfully they all standardized on the mini usb connector and it doesn’t look like that is going anywhere soon. What’s nice about that is you can use one cable when you travel for charging, a scanner, camera, video camera, portable external hard drives. Nearly EVERYTHING!
I upgrade to the new iPhone EVERY cycle. I selected and installed a new double din radio in my motor home just BECAUSE of the iPhone connectivity. I have a iHome clock radio, chargers stored at every conceivable location where I might park my ass long enough to charge my phone because of it’s terrible battery life. When they change the connector this will all be useless if I upgrade. The idiots in design don’t think about these things that actually lock a person into their platform.

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