Netflix refreshes iOS app with cooler video player

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Netflix refreshes iOS app with cooler video player

Netflix's new iOS app boldly goes where no app has gone before.

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Netflix subscribers who use the site’s iOS app on their iPhones or iPads will find a few surprises in the latest edition.

Netflix version 2.2 for iOS adds a small but healthy number of enhancements. First among them is a new scrub bar for controlling your content.

The bar itself is bigger and better, letting you more easily navigate to any section of your video. Thumbnails now appear above your finger on the scrub bar so you can travel to a specific scene of your favorite TV show or movie. You can also rewind 10 seconds at a time.

The volume control is larger as well, another handy option for people with big fingers. And nestled to the left of the volume control in some cases is a languages icon. Tap on that, and you can turn on subtitles and change the language. The language option is enabled only for certain content, so you may need to hunt around for it.

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Netflix refreshes iOS app with cooler video player

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