iSkin’s Fuze cases: full iPhone protection in a sexy package

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iSkins Fuze cases: full iPhone protection in a sexy package

The Fuze SE, which has an integrated screen cover, ships soon and is on sale till May 24 for $49.99.


Otterbox has built a booming business out of its ultraprotective iPhone cases but today has a lot more competition — and it’s only getting fiercer.

Case in point: iSkin’s just-announced Fuze case, which also comes in a special-edition model, the Fuze SE. What’s nice about these is that they offer full protection, including an integrated screen cover, in a relatively low-profile case.

The standard Fuze model comes in multiple colors.


While they don’t offer the same level of protection as the $80 Lifeproof case, which is waterproof, the overall concept and design is somewhat similar.

iSkin says the new Fuze cases took months to develop and are thin enough to be used with speaker docks and the Apple Universal Dock (with cradle adapters removed). The step-up SE model has a brushed aluminum front plate.

The new cases aren’t shipping quite yet but

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