Has Apple taken control of iPhone5.com?

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Has Apple taken control of iPhone5.com?

Apple may have gotten its hands on the domain name iPhone 5.com. (Pictured is the iPhone 4S.)

Josh Miller/CNET)

The World Intellectual Property Organization has concluded its look into Apple ‘s complaint over the iPhone 5.com domain, which seems to suggest a victory for the iPhone maker.

Earlier this month, iPhone 5.com was a forum site, created in February 2008. Its copyright statement clearly indicated that it was “not endorsed, sponsored, nor otherwise affiliated with Apple ” and that it was created “for the sole purpose of entertainment and knowledge.”

And that seems to have gotten under Apple ‘s skin, hence the complaint to the WIPO.

The minimalist WIPO filing page now declares the case “Terminated.” While that alone doesn’t indicate exactly how the case was resolved, or in whose favor, Apple has proven victorious in other such complaints. The iPhone 5.com site, meanwhile, no longer shows the forum activity or ads that once were there — in fact, it doesn’t show anything at all, except a lot of white space.

We’ve requested comment from Apple and will update this story when we get a response.

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Has Apple taken control of iPhone5.com?

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