DIY: Give your iPhone a mirrored rear-panel

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DIY: Give your iPhone a mirrored rear-panel

Rumor Has It host Emily Dreyfuss shows off an iPhone 4S with a mirrored rear-panel.

Sharon Vaknin/CNET)

There’s not much you can do in the way of customizing your iPhone ‘s hardware. Unless you bedazzle it with Sworvski crystals, apply a Gelaskin, or give it a funky case, your iPhone will continue to stand undistinguished among its fellow cookie cutter siblings.

iFixit, a Web site that offers to tools and parts to allow owners to repair, mod, and upgrade their iPhones, has another option for customizing your iPhone : unique rear-panels.

After seeing iFixit’s mirrored rear-panel, I knew I had to have it. No, it’s not a vanity thing — I’m just tired of firing-up the front-facing camera or squinting into the black rear-panel just to see if there’s something stuck in my teeth.

The finished product is so seamless and impressive, my iPhone now goes case-free. (Besides, how else would I show off my iPhone mod?)

Installation is really simple, and requires just the replacement backplate and a Philips screwdriver, or a pentalobe screwdriver for the newer iPhone models.

Watch the video to get started:

Give your iPhone a mirrored rear panel

You’ll need:An iPhone 4 or 4S

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