CleverPin: Jailbreak Tweak Makes iPhone’s Passcode Protection Smarter

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The theory is you set it up to recognise the wifi in your house, because if you’ve put your phone down in your house, obviously a stranger can’t pick it up, so it doesn’t really need a pin.
When I used to share an iPod dock, I’d have appreciated one that only pinlocks when charging within a set geofence, but I don’t think my use-case is that common.
Another obvious criterion that none of these apps pick up on is tge accelerometer: if the phone’s moving, it’s in my pocket. If it’s in my pocket, it’s under my control and doesn’t need to lock.
Same criticism as MyProfiles, really: instead of trying to imagine every conceivable use and provide a setting, why not embed a LUA interpreter and let us write our own rules?

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