AT&T CEO: Data-Only Phone Plans Inevitable

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I despise At&t and their business practices. I don’t normally refer people to them, but if you already a customer there’s was or possibly still is a way to upgrade your limited plan to “unlimited”. I don’t remember the steps exactly, but you can do a Google search. You need the first generation iPhone and an early copy of iTunes. What you have to do is sign up through iTunes using the first gen iPhone opting for the unlimited plan. If I remember correctly you get an email confirming the contract. Next you swap out your sim with a 3g capable iPhone , and will do. You’ll receive an email telling you need to upgrade your data plan because you now using 3g instead of 2g. You won’t have the option to change plans online, neither will any At&t operators be of any help. You’ll have to actually go to an At&t store and explain that you want to upgrade your 2g iPhone to a 3g and they’ll gladly upgrade you with no hassles. That’s how it worked out for me, but that was sometime ago. In case you’re wondering, I had a 3GS before they stop offering the unlimited plan. I canceled my plan paid the early termination fee which was a lot less and went to T-Mobile. The iPhone 4 was released so I went back to At&t but they weren’t offering unlimited plans any longer. I used the above mentioned procedure and voilà presto chango a newly grandfathered in unlimited plan. I worked the first time I wouldn’t see why it wouldn’t work now. I guess its quite possible At&t closed the loop hole, but if you own a first gen iPhone or have a friend that does I think its worth the try. Not sure what the policy is for link to other sites, but if you Google ” How to Get Back on AT&T’s Unlimited Data Plan”, you’ll find all the information you need to get the unlimited plan or get it back again. I think there are better options available, but the choice is yours. Good luck.

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